Wednesday, 30 September 2009

We are happy to represent the wonderful work of two of this year's winners from New Designers...

Paul Roden

Textile Design

Paul’s collection of luxurious ‘grown up’ fabrics, celebrates elements of hedonism, sparkle and youthful excitement are intended for the commercial boutique hotel/ bar or fabulous home market. Intrigued by the juxtaposition of the perceived opulence and luxury of the earlier fairground creations against their mass market, Buck Rodgers, Studio 54 ‘disco-fication’ of the 1970’s, Paul fuses printing techniques associated with the late 19th Century and 1970’s fairgrounds; block printing methods of the 19th Century and t-shirt printing techniques and materials of the 1970s.

Hannah Livingston

Jewellery Design

Hannah's work explores the idea of jewellery as a blank canvas for our lives. Taking cues from Victorian sentimentality, a childhood fascination with concealment, and 18th & 19th century furniture, her work creates opportunity for personal narratives to blossom.

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